Soon citizens in Drammen, Norway, will be able to Monitor in “real-time” the Air Pollution as well as the state of the Environment.

Drammen, Norway, January 2019

Thanks to the cooperation between Drammen municipality, Arrow Electronics, Analog Devices, Atea and Vicotee, citizens will soon be able to monitor the air quality in the city.

Through the municipality´s website, citizens can access air quality data collected at outdoor sensors placed around the city. They can choose locations using an interactive map, and the website lets you display hourly, daily and annual concentration data and speciated particle pollution data.

The graph below shows the particle measurements for a couple of days in January:

Particle measurements by Vicotee

Air Quality Data Monitoring can assist a wide range of people, from the concerned citizen who wants to know how many unhealthy air quality days there were in his city last year, to air quality analysts in the regulatory, academic and health research communities who need raw data.

For more information, please contact Vicotee.

Aurora sensor


Aurora sensor